These violent times ...

I have had a huge response to my last blog. The sheepdog vs wolves metaphor seemed to resonate with a lot of people. I am often surprised about what sorts of things pique people's interest. This has certainly been one of them!
I am big on respect and discipline in my school - as I believe that it is largely these two things that make the real difference - the difference that determines whether we are creating more wolves or more sheepdogs.
It is noteworthy that in these times, we are exposed to about seven times more violence than those who lived back in the 1950's. Interpersonal violent crime is on the increase - in other words, the 'wolves' are increasing in numbers. This is due to a number of factors, not the least of which is an increase in the lower socio-economic strata of our population.
Does it seem that we are hearing more and more about crimes of violence nowadays - if we do - it's because violent crime is on the increase. In fact, if it were not for huge advancements in medical technology, we would have far more 'actual' murders and deaths by violence than what the statistics give us. If we only had the level of medical technology of the 1950's - we would have (conservatively) seven times as many murders today, than we had just 60 years ago.
As the saying goes - FORTUNE FAVORS THE PREPARED MIND. If we are to live in this world, we need to adapt in ways that increase our chances of survival This means many things - financial survival, emotional survival and PHYSICAL survival. This means 'self defence' capability.
So as far as the ethics of martial arts goes - I think it is imperative that more sheep learn to become more like sheepdogs. Taking self responsibility for our own safety is just part and parcel of living in todays society.
Train Smart - Train Safe!


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