WA first homegrown Black Belt

I am waiting at the Perth airport, about to board a plane for Melbourne, before I head overseas for another week. What a great weekend for BJJ over in Western Australia.

This weekend I had the privilege of being able to award longtime student, Adam Metcalf, his Black Belt. Adam has been a driving force of BJJ over here in the West - having competed in the Mundials in brazil, having created a strong team of blue and purple belts in one of the most professional schools in Australia, he has truly earned the right to be WA's first hoemgrown Blck Belt.

Congratulations Adam, you are a pleasure to teach, a fully engaged and passionate coach to your students and a business leader in the industry of the martial arts. Well done indeed!

Also this weekend, not to be over-shadowed by Adam's milestone, both Steve Stevenson and Troy Flugge were awarded brown belts. With these two excellent instructors moving up the rank ladder, the way is open for a new cadre of purples this and next year. Well done both - together, you have all contributed greatly to the growth and development of BJJ in Western Australia.

Best wishes all,

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