50 Laps around the sun!

Just turned fifty - and what does it mean? For me, it means the planet has done fifty laps around the sun, and thats about it. Another sunrise - another day in the office. Luckily for me, my office is an interesting place.
I began the day with a couple of private lessons - then my wife and I hit the pool for a quick thirty laps. After that, it was a small snack, a protein shake then off to my school to work with the newly formed Australian Military Unarmed Combat Cell. Major Faure and six of the cell members are staying in Geelong for three days and are hitting the mat for further development and training each afternoon. The it was a quick drive to pick up my son Felix from school' home for an hour with him before heading to the school once again to prepare for the evening classes.
After taking the beginner/intro class from 6pm to 7pm, I kicked off the advanced BJJ class at 7pm. The MUC Cell joined in, and we had a real sweat session till 8pm. I saw the Intermediate BJJ class start after that at 8pm, but hopped into my car and headed home for dinner with the Major. Watched Seinfeld as the food went down - switched the laptop on and here I am.
Another day in the office. Tomorrow, the pace picks up a little.
Fifty revolutions around the sun have given me opportunity to learn many things. One of the most important is to be fully engaged in whatever it is I am doing. With that mindset we can extract every benefit from the things we do. We are swapping precious moments of our life for the things we do - we should at least give those things our fullest attention.
I love it all!
best wishes everyone.
Train Smart - Train safely - be fully engaged!

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