Three stages of a new truth ...

It was said - some two and a half thousand years ago - that all great truths come to be via a three stage process: Firstly, the thing is loudly ridiculed; then it is hotly debated; and finally, it is accepted as self evident. Don't forget - it wasn't all that long ago that everyone thoght the world was flat!
I find this is also the case with many of the recent innovations and developments in the martial arts industry. Over the last few decades, some great new training ideas have been put forth here and there, around the globe. Most are, at first, loudly ridiculed, then hotly debated and finally, in many cases, accepted as totally obvious and self evident. New ideas, new thoughts, new experiments should be encouraged, not ridiculed. Some of them may well become mainstream - if they work, and are functional and readily learned, they most certainly will become mainstream. Be open - be interested - maintain our childlike enthusiasm for all things new - and we remain open to growth and improvement. Keep it fun - keep it exciting!
Best wishes,

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