Our decisions shape our lives!

Imagine how much more enabled we would be if decision-training were a part of our formative education. For most of us, the taking of martial arts training was a pivotal decision; one that has probably shaped each of our lives in very meaningful and significant ways. Hopefully that decision for each of us to take up martial arts training has had more of a positive effect than a negative one.

The potential for positive outcomes within the martial arts arena is certainly, from my perspective, significant. This arena is rife with potent forces however, and there is equal potential for negative and destructive outcomes. Are we really better off?

The answer can be found by standing still for a moment and looking around a bit. Who are your friends? What kind of people are they? Are they good people, positive people, people who are ease with themselves and enjoying their lives? Are they passionate about the things they undertake?

Like attracts like. The way most of us are organized is that we like what is familiar and so we tend to gravitate toward those with similar ideals and belief systems. Most people don’t look to hard at themselves – so it can help sometimes, to look at those around you. Our circle of friends can act as a kind of mirror and give you a look at how we ourselves are travelling.

Like attracts like – that seems to be a fundamental truth – but the strange thing is, we learn by noticing what is different. This is very convenient because it allows is the possibility of change. Hopefully, toward the better.

When we notice ‘differences’, we can’t help but start to ‘compare’ – is this new way of doing something better than the old way of doing it? And if so, why? People can’t help but ‘compare’; we do it all the time. Advertising people know this, and that’s why the show you the pretty girl and nice house in the ad that is really just trying to sell you that new set of garden tools. Gee – if I buy that set of garden tools … ??

Deciding to take action, to break out of our pre-programmed routines, to try new things and experiment is a part of what makes us a unique species on this planet.
When wobbling on stuff, I find it very useful to talk through it with someone who had been through it before me. This kind of inoculates me against possible downside – and preps me to take action. Sometimes we can have all the understanding, know all the angles – but it’s not being able to make the final decision to ‘take action’ that holds us back. ‘Pulling the trigger’ – deciding to act – this often separates the successful from the ‘not so’.

Some decisions cost. That’s okay – it’s all part of the learning. As long as we can survive those costs, then we train our brain to make a better decision when similar circumstances arise in the future.

Decisions shape our lives – it’s useful to be good at making smart ones.
Train Hard – Train Smart.

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