Brekky with Geoff T

I am sitting here this morning surrounded by centuries of history – I find myself to be completely enthralled.

Yesterday was a full day indeed, training with Rich Green and students, chatting with Geoff Thompson, Tony Somers and the ever-enthusiastic Matty; and eventually kipping down at Coombes Abbey, a sprawling and ancient Manse on the outskirts of Coventry (Midlands – UK).

This morning, Geoff T – turned up not long after dawn, and we took a stroll through surrounding woods for an hour or so, comparing notes on life, the universe and the wonder of all things. Our discourse continued over breakfast in the Abbey Gardens and we vowed to remain more closely connected from our respective sides of an ever- shrinking planet.

I find Geoff to be a remarkable and inspiring human being; someone who has dragged himself up by his own bootstraps from the blood and snot filled world of the Coventry Doorman, to a place where his life revolves around a process self discovery, abundant thinking and selfless generosity. Here is a wonderful example of a man who has discovered within himself, the power of ‘re-invention’. He is now a well-published and prolific writer, a film-maker, a martial arts authority (who has done it all) and by all accounts, an engaged and thoughtful family man. A warrior-poet to the core.
I like him!

What a great start to a great day. Off now to hook up with a few of Geoff’s friends and hit the mat. Tonight promises to be another action packed evening with me holding a seminar for Geoff’s good friend, Tony Somers. Tomorrow is another day, waiting to be fully enjoyed with my trip further North to Manchester.

Apparently Medieval castles do not have wireless internet connections – some interference from the surrounding moat I guess, so I am unsure when I will be able to make this post on my blog. So by the time this hits the ether, the world will have spun a few more times, things will have passed by my field of awareness, and yours – hope you have noticed.
Train well – Train with Eyes Open!


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