Leaving the UK

Once again at Changi Airport in Singapore on my way home from London. My UK visit was a whirlwind tour for sure - but I met some great people, and as all have asked me to return for more training, I will definitely be trying to schedule another trip into my calendar. next time I will try to make the visit a little less hectic.

Although I will contact everyone individually, I would love to thanks Rich Green, Geoff Thompson, Tony Somers, Matty Evans, Phil Wright, Graham Cook, Ian and Jenni Marshall, Drew Hopkinson, Steve Murkle and Ken and Anne-Marie Pankiewicz for all your wonderful help. I wish I could have spent more time in each city - I absolutely love England.

I have already had a dozen e-mails from people expressing their thanks for the seminars - but seriously, the pleasure was all mine. I havn't answered those e-mails yet as my internet service provider only allows me to accept incoming e-mails whilst on the fly - and doesn't permit outgoing. I will get onto it a day or so after I reach Aussie shores.

best run - according to the airport info centre there is a pool here somewhere - a few quick laps before I board the plane would be good. I am sure I drooled on my own shirt as I slept most of the way from London.

best wishes all,

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