Celebrating our diversity ...

A hectic week. Entry forms are still coming in for the Nationals to be held this weekend. Although I had planned to do the draw today, I am postponing it until thursday afternoon. So whatever forms I receive between now and then, will be processed in time.
The weekend is shaping up to be our best yet. A record number of competitors, the best prize/sponsorship packages we have had to date, and Rigans visit are all making it so. Great teams are coming in from New Zealand, Perth, Brisbane, Sydney and Tasmania along with the usual suspects - so it is going to be one great get-together. The best thing about our tournament is the diversity it offers. Every mat and school brings something different to the competition. And diversity opens up everyone's thinking. Another great thing about our tournament is the social aspect it offers. I have seen competitors fight it our on the mat, then leave together, head over to the warm-up mat and share techniques. That is simply a sign of the culture we have in place with our organization. Our diversity, our willingness to share - these are rare qualities that we should celebrate. So I wish everyone a fun, learning-filled weekend. Rigan Machado's seminars on Sunday, will be the icing on the cake. I will be heading to Melbourne on friday to pick him up from the airport. He is pumped!
For those who are coming - see you there; everyone else, try to make plans for next year.
Warm regards,


Anonymous said…
Sounds like it's going to be awesome! I've only recently begun learning BJJ...oh well hopefully I'll compete next year and Rigan will visit again.
JBW said…
Thanks Daniel - enjoy your training - it's a wonderful ride.
Anonymous said…
Just wrote about my experiences at Dominance John which aligns exactly with what you are saying!! Looking forward to learning tomorrow.

(You named me Rangi :-) other wise known as Spida.

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