A State of Excellence.

A state of excellence is within the reach of all of us. The opportunity for excellence is there in every waking moment; the way we greet someone, the way we walk into a room, step onto the training area, prepare ourselves for the day ahead. To immerse ourselves in a culture of excellence is to take a stand against ‘mediocrity’.
For me, the culture of excellence begins with really ‘being there’. Attending to whatever we are doing with a mindset bent toward full-engagement is the way to start. Perhaps it is the fact that we are almost certainly experiencing the state of full-engagement when we are sparring or fighting that makes the struggle so attractive to us. Being there; being fully there, totally focussed and ‘on task’ is an affirmation that we are alive.
Living in a state of excellence is not easy; by definition it simply cannot be so. It requires that we expose ourselves physically, emotionally and spiritually; it is about the pursuit of truth and the acceptance of it, in spite of all the consequences.
Be prepared though, that in denying mediocrity you will set yourself apart from the masses; and all in all, the masses will not love you for your choice because it highlights the fact that they have ‘settled’.
Most people ‘settle’. The power of motivation loses it’s potency once ‘acceptable’ goals or standards have been achieved. Those who live by the standard of ‘ordinary’ are those who have ‘settled’ at the first convenient opportunity. This is not the way of the ‘excellent’. The excellent do not settle; goals achieved are barely given a second thought. Forward is the way.
At the very foundation of the modern warriors motivation lies the desire for excellence. Though they may not know it, this is true. The modern warrior takes up training in an effort to lift themselves both physically and emotionally. The desire for betterment marks the first step in the way forward for those wishing to live in a state of excellence. The way is forward and the time is now. Banish mediocrity at every turn. Seek out the chance for excellence.


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