NZ Friends

In a few more days I leave for a round of teaching in New Zealand. NZ is one of my favourite places - great people, great country! I love the enthusiasm with which the students there leap into their training. My Kiwi friends are a passionate bunch.
The road to mastery is a long one - and along the way, our levels of motivation can rise and drop as life and other stuff gets in the way. 'Passion' though, is a powerful fuel, and can drive us forward with enough momentum that even during tough times, we continue to move toward the golas we have set for ourselves. "passion' is closely associated with the 'toward' style of motivation - as opposed to the 'away from' style of motivation. I like the 'toward' style - it is more consistent and sustainable. The 'away from' style ( Eg: I want to be less like i am now) starts to wane and wither, the further we move away from our present state - and if, as it does so, we fail to replace it with something else, we lose our momentum and begin the 'backward slide'. The 'toward' style of motivation however, only strengthens as we move forward and get closer to our goals - passionate people exude this quality.
My next few days are busy here with my usual weekly round of teaching, both private classes and the evening classes at my school; then I'll be packing on thursday night and jumping on the early morning flight friday morning to the land of the long white cloud. See you soon my Kiwi friends.
Warm regards,


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