Sydney Seminars

Sitting here at Sydney airport after a round of seminars over the weekend. It was great to see some long time friends again and spend some time on the mat wit them and their students. A big thanks to David & Jacqui Suker, Steve Perceval and Richard Sargeant, Fari Salievski, Joe Ingrati, Sam Dignam and Craig Sinclair and George Adams for hosting me at their schools and driving me here and there. It was great to see you all again.
Home now for a couple of regular weeks at Geelong - no traveling for a month or so, it will be nice to spend some time with my family on the weekends that are coming.
Winter is nearly over and the 1st of September looms closer. Spring is nearly here, and with it, our BJJ Nationals. I can hardly believe the year has gone that fast.
I had the wonderful pleasure of awarding Doug Meijer his Black Belt in Geelong last week. See photos on the news page. Here is a pic of the advanced class in Geelong on that night.
Best wishes all - time to board my plane.


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