Award from Military Unarmed Cell

It was a totally unexpected pleasure to receive a special presentation from Major Travis Faure, head of the Military Unarmed Combat Cell for the Australian Army, at the Championships on the weekend. The presentation comprised of a series of photos taken at the Royal Military College in Canberra, where I have done a lot o work this year. As much of my work for various military and other law enforcement agencies is somewhat ‘under the radar’, I have few momento’s to stick up on my study wall; so this one is much appreciated. (My ‘secret squirrel’ T-shirt collection, on the other hand, is impressive! But unappreciated by my wife who has to find wardrobe space to accommodate them) Major Faure also shared a few thoughts on behalf of the Aussie military; again, unexpected but very much appreciated. I must say that Travis himself was the driving force behind the total revamp that the Aussie military defensive tactics program has undergone over the past two years.
My sincere thanks to the whole team – you know who you are!


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