Under the Microscope

Coaches should always remember that they are operating under the microscope. What I mean by that is they should act and behave as if they are being carefully studied and watched – because THEY ARE! If someone in a leadership role comes to the class late, it sends a clear message to everyone ‘it’s OK to be late’. If they slouch against a wall during class it sends a clear message that ‘slouching against the wall during class is OK’. When a coach makes a small promise and fails to keep it – it sends a clear message ‘I am not worthy of your trust’.
I am often amazed at the behaviour of people in leadership and coaching roles. I doubt they are aware of the messages they are sending and how many people are reading those messages. I am even more amazed when I see people in leadership roles behaving one way but expecting their students to behave in an other; such behaviour is immature and unbecoming of a leader.
Many of the people that read this blog are instructors and coaches themselves. I urge those of you who have those roles to remember that you can only expect others to behave in the ways that you behave. How you act – you can expect your students to act. How you dress, behave, speak and carry yourself in class – will set the tone for how everyone else dresses, behaves, speaks and carries themselves in class. When you make a small promise – keep it. Earn trust. The culture you want to create in your school – starts with YOU!
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Camarao said…
I wish some American CEO's would heed this advice. Where are the true leaders of today? Someone that has to courage to stand up and admit when they have made a mistake and accept full responsibility for it. Someone that leads by such good example that others want to be around them or emulate them?
Everyone should take your advice beyond the mat and into the world to effect positive some positive change.
Terease said…
never a truer word spoken!:)
Anonymous said…
Here is what I think!

Whats the first rule of leadership?
When something goes wrong its your fault!
Whats the second rule of leadership?
When things go right its everyone elses fault!

I think David Allen Thoreau said that "who you are speaks so loudly I can'nt hear what you are saying"

If a picture says a thousand words, and actions are thousands of pictures, how many words can describe your actions?

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