Extracting Value

The first step in 'extracting maximum value' from something, is to realize that there is high value there in the first place. The more deeply we look into something, the more we will see (Just ask a quantum physicist). Once we 'know' there is value within something, we tend to look more closely - and bang = we see things that had previously escaped our notice.
In working BJJ basis for example - as beginners we are usually somehwat overwhelmed at the sheer volume of techniques and concepts we are exposed to and are therefore 'forced' to take a broad view = as opposed to a deeper view. This is one of the reasons why purple belts are usually a good step up from blue belts on the 'skills ladder' - simply because at tat level, they usually have a pretty healthy 'broad' view, and are starting to really look deeply into some of the aspects of their 'game'.
Looking deeply - or digging into things - is at the very heart of what is commonly known as 'science'. As kids, most of us had a natural inclination toward 'discovery' and 'extracting value' - perhaps that is a big part of what is so very appealing about BJJ. The child in us once again becomes awakened - as we explore, dig, understand and continue to 'extract value'.
Train hard - train smart,


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