Work the weakest link

During my recent four day interstate seminar jaunt, I spent time on the mat with a wide spectrum of BJJ and MMA students. In this day of 'information over-supply', it comes as no real surprise that I am often asked the question "what should I work on?" - as there is so much 'out there' today - as compared with what was available say, two decades ago.
Obviously, the answer to this question differs from student to student, dependant upon a myriad of factors ... however, I can offer this piece of advise to any who will listen:
Work on your weaknesses! Our natural tendency is to focus on our strengths and take the 'Egyptian' view (living in de nile) when considering our weaknesses! Banish 'denial' from your mind and embrace what is difficult - this always produces amazing and quite often, unexpected results.
Working on our weaknesses, lifts our whole game up. if your Guard lets you down, then next time you hit the mat, pull to Guard (for a month), if it's your escapes, put yourself underneath, if 'fast' opponents give you grief, seek them out, etc. And off the mat, as you take the lessons of Jiu Jitsu into your wider life, if you find your finances are something you instinctively 'reel away from' - do a budget. Embrace your weaknesses, work on them - even just a little attention on them will give you results.
Best wishes,


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