Finding Energy

The past week has been a very taxing one for myself and my family. As the 'new age' types would put it - 'we have had a few challenges' this past week. That, coupled with a super-hectic seminar schedule on the weekend, followed by my usual swag of private classes and lessons this week, has left me feeling in need of a holiday. But the reality is that I have a couple of classes to teach only an hour or so from now - and for me personally, a big part of being a martial artist, is finding the wil to take another step forward when I feel like lying down.
Paradoxicaly, no matter how I feel, once I step onto the mat, I seem to rally the energy to complete the task ahead. That's the funny thing about 'energy' - when you put out the effort, and the sweat starts flowing, you always feel better for doing so.
It seems that there is a universal law at play here - the more you give, the more you receive - the more you put in, the more you get out. Training in the martial arts has always been an uplifting and highly positive experience for me - one that always leaves more fully charged for having participated. Every day I train - is simply a better day.
When in doubt - simply step onto the mat.


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