Here in New Zealand right now. Visiting good friends and conducting my last series of seminars for the year. Geoff Aitkens fantastic new school in Christchurch is very likely the biggest school in New Zealand. He and leonie have done an absolutely remarkable job in growing their school over the past two years. What an amazing accomplishment. I am in awe of their efforts.
I also had the distinct pleasure of being able to award Scott Benson his brown belt. Scott is a fixture as Geoff's academy and a real asset to the school. Congratulations Scott.
After leaving Geoff's place, I headed to Auckland to do a full days training for Ground Control, run by Mike Fooks and Glenn tarrant. We did an MMA session for the first two and a hlaf hours, had a quick bite and then did a solid 2 and a half hour BJJ session. These guys (and gals) are totally hard-core! Again, we conducted those sessions in the brand new Ground Control Academy - love the smell of new mats in the morning!
I write this blog in Hamilton, after teaching for Karl Norton this morning in Auckland and Phil Beale in Hamilton this afternoon. Karl has started a dedicated BJJ class now and numbers are growing - I am excited to see how well it will grow over the next 12 months; they have a very solid core of starters.Phil in Hamilton is a very nice guy; his group is also growing well, with their first Hamilton-grown blue belt being awarded the rank today - congratulations Errol. Nice to see Travis playing such an active and important role in the growth of the Hamilton club as well. Nice to see so much of you this weekend Trav!
Tomorrow morning (not that far away), Phil is driving me down to see my friend Shane Cox in Napier. We always have a blast there - I can't wait.
Best go - time to call my family - and check a few e-mails.
Back on in a day or two - before I head to Bangkok for some Muay Thai training.
Best wishes,


Jimson said…
Hey John, thanks for the bjj blueprint, have attempted to make one in the past but always got lost in the creation.
Thought would be cool to give Scott Benson's brown belt a mention also? Really loved the seminar in Chch. I have been trying out bits and pieces and have had other things tried on me!
Look forward to your next one, always enjoy them.
Best regards

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