An Uncertain Week

I am just about to leave for the airport - on my way to Bangkok.
With the PAD (peoples alliance for democracy) rebels having taken over the BAngkok airport, all my arranged flights have been cancelled. In fact, the country sits poised for what could evolve into a military coup.
When my travel agent told me it was impossible to get there - I had to come up with a scheme of my own. A friend (and student of mine) Craig Moorfoot, is in the same boat as I am - and so we have decided to attck the problem together. We will fly into MAlaysia, catch a flight tomorrow night to Phuket, hire a car and do the radical ten hour drive through the hills and up the peninsula to Bangkok. That's the plan in any case. Forty eight hours from now - all being well - I'll post again. I am sure there will be problems to solve and hurdles to overcome before then. But that's life - and we are problem-solving beings; so hopefully it will all work out. I need to be in Bangkok to keep an appointment on monday at lunchtime - we shall see.
Be well - gotta run.


x said…
Stay safe, John. Indeed these are tumultuous times.
Elyse said…
Force be with you, John!
I'm sure you'll make it through. Maybe not by lunch time....

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