Christmas Countdown

This is the last full week of training that we will have at my Geelong School before Christmas. I am so very glad to be home from my travels - and am loving being with my family. Tonight will be my first class since my return - and I am very much looking forward to it. We are preparing for the end-of-year gradings to be held next monday and tuesday nights. An exciting time for everyone involved - and a great way to finish up 2008!
Christmas is a fun time for everyone - giving treats and gifts to family and friends is what it's mostly about for our family - well that, and having fewer demands on our time.
The day after Christmas, a friend and I are heading for a four day walk into the Wilderness of Tasmania's Central Plateau - one of my favourite places on the planet. We havn't been there for two years - so I am really looking forward to it.
The day after I get back from there, my family and I are heading to Singapore for a wedding (Kon & Charmaine) - then on to Bali for 6 days.
In bali, I'll be catching up with two old training partners of mine from the early 80's. That will be interesting for sure! Apparently, they are both still training. They were hard-core back then - but that was 25 odd years ago - I am really looking forward to the catch-up!
Anyways - a bit to do before that happens. And ultimately, TODAY, is the time that matters most. Living in the now - and extracting the most we can out of living in the present is something that has been central to my philosophy for three decades now. In fact, as a youngster living in Indonesia - I used to wear a pendant that simply read "LIVE TODAY - DEATH WAIT'S FOR US TOMORROW". A bit morbid perhaps - but I was, after all, just a reckless 20 year old.
Still, for most of my life since then, I have been fairly excited and enthusiastic about each and every day I have lived. When giving martial arts instructors teaching advice - I often mention the importance of 'BEING FULLY ENGAGED" in every class we ever take. NEVER, just go through the motions. ENTHUSIASM and FULL-ENGAGEMENT breeds more of the same - and this in itself, stems from the concept of fully living i the NOW! As the old saying goes - LIVE FOR TODAY - BUT PLAN FOR TOMORROW.
Anyways - just got back from the pool an hour ago, where my wife and I swam a few laps together - she's a great swimmer, and she coached me with a few pointers that may have improved my feeble efforts somewhat. A quick bite to eat after this short blog - then a couple of friends will be arriving from Canberra for two of days training - Travis Faure (ADF) and Andy Gibbs (AFP) - so that's a nice bonus.
My blog has morphed into a bit of a 'dear diary' effort these past ten days - apologies. Don't despair - I'll get back into my usual format soon.
Best wishes,


BJJ NZ said…
Dear diary is a great format and I for one am extremely happy to be allowed to travel along with you via your blog.

So please don't stop. :)

Merry Christmas...
Anonymous said…
The combination of your usual articles and and the "dear diary" format gives the readers good martial arts advice and an understanding of the person giving it. I think it works.
Anonymous said…
Tasmania. Awesome.

Merry Xmas John. Looking forward to the seminar in Singapore.
Anonymous said…
Totally agree with BJJ NZ, very happy to travel along.Just like your books John, but in real time!
Best regards and all the best for Xmas.
JBW said…
Thanks for the feedback folks - i do appreciate your thoughts.
best wishes and a happy Christmas to all.
Anonymous said…
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Merry Christmas!

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