Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Last post from Bangkok

Leaving Bangkok in 12 hours time ... all being well. The airport has just re-opened for business now that the rebels have departed. Looks like I am good to go for a flight at 9pm tonight. Went to the Jitti Gym this morning, said my goodbyes. A great place - a great bunch of people. I ay consider having Jitti come out for a weekend seminar at some time ... his English is pretty good - and he has an impressive depth of knowledge on the art of Muay Thai. Plus - I like him.
I'll head downtown now and might catch a movie - hit a few bookstores and while away the rest of the day until airport time comes around. May even go set a few more birds free from a Buddhist temple - although I have to see, I am not a big fan of the begging monks. This will almost certainly go against popular opinion - but to those monks, I say 'GET A JOB'. Work like everyone else if you want to eat - I am sick of seeing these people go on about a life of prayer - while they are happy for others to do the work and feed them. Don't get me started about Tibet! I have spoken to several Tibetans who rejoice that the priests are no longer 'enslaving the population' (their words - not mine). Perhaps I am being a little unfair - the monks are good at some work - they are good at catching birds so people can give them money to release them.
Anyways - time to go - I am very much looking forward to getting home to my family and my students.
best wishes,

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