Lazy Sunday

Trained this morning - was the only one doing so. Everyone else was sleeping - except for one fighter (Sak) who though 'bleary-eyed' was happy to step into the ring and hold pads for me for an hour. Afterward, I took him on the subway to a big shopping Mall and corrupted him with lunch in a restaurant, a movie and a visit to Starbucks. We saw Ombak 2 - an action martial arts movie set in ancient Thailand. Not really my kind of movie - but I am pretty sure that Sak loved the whole experience.
Doing these kinds of things is an easy thing for most westerners - we tend to take such things for granted. For much of the earths population though, these things are luxuries, beyond their everyday reach. At times like these I feel embarrassed at the amount of choice and affluence I have in my life.
In honor of my good friend Dave Meyer, I also bought a bunch of birds from a vendor in the street and set them free. I felt good about doing so for about five seconds - then it occurred to me that by paying for this privelege, I am in fact increasing demand for the Thai's to go out and catch more birds - so more people can pay to have them set free. Sorry Dave ... not sure whether I did more harm than good. For those who don't know him, David is extremely passionate about animal rights - it is my view that the world would be a far better place if it were inhabited by more people like him. It's mid afternoon now - time to chat my family and take it easy for the rest of the day.
Two more days in Bangkok and I am headed home. I should blog one more time between now and then.
Stay well,


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