My new MMA MAts

A huge thanks to Craig Moorfoot, Peter Saliaris, James Jelley (And Melissa & Amy of course) who helped me put down my new MMA mats yesterday. Thanks also to Gebsy for finishing of the edge trim for me. They arrived at 12 noon - and were all layed down (and cut in) by 5pm. These new MMA Mats are simply the best training surface I have ever been on. Absolutely perfect for both stand-up and groundwork. They look great, feel great and are the next evolution upward from the jigsaw mat concept. No interlocking edges to collect dust and dirt - the look is clean and expansive - and the surface is far, far easier to mop or sweep. The fact that they are 2 metres by one metre each, makes for a larger, more open look. A perfect fusion of tradition and modern. I love them. For any interested in seeking out new mats that do the job perfectly for both stand-up and groundwork - contact Paul Jolley at Jols for details (03 94892333) - ask for the MMA Mat.
I am anxious to see how the students respond when they walk in for their last week of training before Christmas. Happy Christmas all.


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