Notice what no-one else notices ...

... that way you'll learn things that no-one else knows.
This is a specific talent that I have always tried (often times painfully slowly) to nurture. Especially when I am in a country where I do not understand the spoken language. Overly depending on verbal instruction is s sure-fire way to impede the learning process. We learn by looking, by feeling, by tasting, by smelling - not just by hearing.
Today I had a good day. I hooked up with Jitti (owner of Jitti gym) at 2pm for an hours training before the other fighters started rolling in for the late afternoon session. We trained in the ring - working on various combinations and Muay Thai strategies for the first forty minutes. The it was a few rounds of padwork, followed by a cool down and stretch.
The relationship between fighter and master pad-holder is one built over time. Each has to learn how the other one works. The fighter needs to familiarize himself with what the trainer wants when he presents the pads to you in a certain way - the trainer needs to get an idea of the fighters weaknesses so that he can correct them and improve performance. This process can be frustrating, fun, exhilirating and exhausting, all at once. But it is the name of the game - particularly, with respect to the art of Muay Thai.
Training done for the day - I am heading out to sample some local food in the back-streets of my neighbourhood. When overseas, I like to get away from those areas haunted by tourists - and get in with the locals. Authentic food, authentic people - the authentic experience.
It is my lovely wife's birthday today - so Melissa, if you are reading this Blog "HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL - ALL BEING WELL, I'LL BE HOME SOON! I LOVE YOU! XXX X"
Sorry about that readers - my blog, my rules.
Best wishes all,


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