The Super Squirrel

For myself, life has always been about LIVING. I have never been one to put too much thought, focus or effort into financial security and such. That being said though, it is important that even though we should live fully for TODAY - there is no doubt that we should plan for TOMORROW. Now, there's no need to be obsessive about it, but by turning say 10% of our thoughts and focus onto putting away for tomorrow, we greatly increase the scope of our options for the future.
Recently, I have caught up with some old martial arts friends from the past, and have been saddened to see them struggling financially. A big part of the martial arts is about the understanding of leverage - and so not to apply those self-same principles to our lives off the mat or outside of the ring, seems a great pity. it takes work, that's true - but to fully live our lives in the ways that we want to live them, usually requires money. Even squirrels store nuts for the winter - and they have brains the size of .... well, squirrels!
So when making those new years resolutions next week - or when buying yourself or someone close to you a gift - perhaps include a book or two on 'planning for tomorrow. 'The Richest man in Babylon' for example, is great small book on the power and leverage of savings - an easy read - and it can make a huge and positive difference in your or someone else's financial health.
Don't become fanatical about it - but don't bury your head in the sand either. Gather a few nuts BEFORE the winter hits. Be the Super Squirrel ...
Happy Christmas to everyone,


Paul said…
Very good advice!!

Are you planning any mat time in bali? Perhaps you want a complete break, but if you do want to roll we'd be honored to have you at Synergy (Niko Han's club).


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