Teeth fixed in the morning and punched in the afternoon

A big day!
Started out by hitting the pool. Followed by a quick breakfast then headed down the street to BIDC (Bangkok International Dentist). Time for a much needed re-do of a couple of old crowns that I have, and a missing tooth on the bottom. Also, getting all my old fillings redone with some new high-tech composite material. This is torture for me - but one quarter of the price here in Thailand. They do great work - and by what I have seen so far, they have way better equipment and better service than any other dentist I have seen back home.
So, after three hours in the dentist chair, I headed to the subway and jumped two stations up-line to Rachadaprisek station, located two hundred metres from the renowned Jitti gym. I was fortunate enough to spend half and hour in the ring with Jitti himself, whilst the afternoon fighters went through their paces around us. A great workout. Jitti is a master pad holder and trainer (and fighter).
Afterward I spent time working the Thai clinching method with another visiting fighter from Scotland. Afterward, I cooled off by watching the training for a bit before saying my goodbyes and making my way back to my hotel. On the way I bought various tit-bits of freshly cooked Thai food from a bunch of street vendors up some of the nearby side-streets. Everything tasted great.
Back at my hotel - had a chance to video chat my wife before taking one last dip in the pool. Staring out my window, I see the lights of Bangkok spreading off in to the distance. A beautiful view.
Best get some sleep - tomorrow, back to the dentist - followed by another afternoon session with Jitti. Bring it on!


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