Wrapped up and good to go

Another good day - met with student Craig Moorfoot this morning down in Sukhumvit (more of a touristy part of town). We had a coffee and walked around for an hour or two. I then caught the subway back home, collected my training gear and headed off to Jitti gym again. Spent an hour with Jitti - had a great workout. Worked on combos' in the ring - and a few clinching ideas (here's a pic of Jitti wrapping y hands before todays workout)
Training finished - then took the subway back a couple of stops to the area I'm staying in. Walked the kilometre or so along some streets close to my hotel and scrounged up some dinner from a couple of street stalls (see pic) The whole meal cost me about $5 Aussie Dollars ( and half of that was spent on the juices I bought at my hotel) Great value.
Might let dinner digest for a bit, then hit the pool for a few laps before kicking back for the evening.
Off again to training early in the morning - before heading down to the Chaduchak open-air market, late morning.
Time to go ... best wishes,


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