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Why do we train?
Sure, on the surface, learning martial arts is about preparing ourselves to defend ourselves against physical attack - but the truth is, most people continue with martial arts training because they want to feel more empowered, they want to feel stronger, they want to feel better about themselves.
We all want to have some measure of control over the world we live in. Having control over ourselves and our physical environment is something that man has always strived to accomplish. At the heart of it, it is about control, about confidence, about feeling more powerful. The world we live in can be a hostile place; the martial arts can arm is in many ways. It starts in the physical and bleeds (excuse the pun) into the mental and spiritual. The challenge of training in an art like BJJ is extremely rewarding. in dealing with the challenges it presents, we learn skills that help us prevail and prosper in the world we live in.


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