Central to the whole idea of martial arts is the idea of SURVIVAL.
The study and practice of martial arts INCREASES our chances of survival - on a number of levels. Through the rigors of physical combat, we develop certain skills that increase our probability of survival should we ever be assaulted - that's the obvious part; but we also learn many other things that impact on our survivability on almost a daily basis. When we improve the way we interface with other people, we improve our chances of job survival, relationship survival, etc. When we improve our fitness, we improve our chances of surviving illness, heart attacks, etc. When we build our confidence and our decision-making skills, we improve our chances of doing better financially and in business, etc.
Being adept at survival is about making good decisions, about perseverance, about the ability to act under duress. These are qualities that can be enhanced through good martial arts training. Life on the the mat will put all of these qualities to the test - and do so daily. Life on the mat is not only a metaphor for survival - it is nursery for those ingredients that go toward baking our own perfect survival rations.
Be a survivor - adapt and evolve.


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