Surrounded by useless advice

Consider the amount of bad instruction we are assailed with every day.
One of my favourites – the sign we see on the side of the road that states – “Avoid Windscreen Damage”. Well, thanks for the great advice! Avoid windscreen damage – no kidding! HOW?
How do I avoid windscreen damage – don’t state the bleeding obvious – tell me WHAT TO DO! The sign, in my view, should read “SLOW DOWN”.
I remember being stuck under side control in my earlier training, hearing my coaches yelling, “GET ON YOUR SIDE”. I also clearly remember thinking, ‘I know what I should be doing, but PLEASE tell me HOW to do it!”
In coaching/instruction, I like to put the focus on HOW the students should achieve things – rather than merely on WHAT they should be doing.
Buy property – save a million dollars – have a great marriage – be happy – GREAT ADVICE – but without the HOW, it’s about s helpful as reading the astrological columns.
Train Smart,


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