KL - Fighting and Food

AFter Singapore I got a good six hours sleep (not enough) and headed up to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia to visit with Sam Wee. We headed to the gym after a quick kopi tarik (traditional coffee) and got stuck into our training. I decided to go focus on 'depth and subtelty' in this session - and so I concentrated on evolving better ways to make things they already knew, work better (there's knowing and then there's understanding). This approach was well received by all, wit those atending vowing to try the new strategies out on those who didn't attend.
We even recruited an innocent bystander, who after watching the seminar for 20 minutes, asked if he could pay, join the school and jump in! Welcome Tony!
Afterward, knowing my weakness for local food, Sam took me out to a nigh market with his lovely wide Marlina and little boy, Sean. Great company, great food - I had a ball.
The next morning we headed back to the gym for an MMA session, in which I delivered one of my favourite MMA training models. This was followed by lunch with a few of the students - ANOTHER BIRTHDAY CAKE - and off afterward to the airport.
After our goodbyes, I boarded my flight and flew back to Singapore, where I waited three hours before getting on the flight to London. Thirteen hours later - I am heere in Heathrow. It's 5:30am - and so I have time to write this blog and do a few other things before my friend Ken Pankeiwicz should appear out of the morning fog. Considerably cooler here than Malaysia.
I am looking forward to tonights training at ken's school.
More soon,


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