Assault on Singapore

Arrived in Singapore on the first leg of my Asia/Europe seminar oddessy. I was greeted at the airport by Jason Quek and a few of his students – who had come specifically to wish me a happy birthday. I am still unsure how they knew today was my birthday – but it was a pleasant surprise nonetheless. We went out for a quick bite of Nasi Pattang (a Malaysian fried rice and egg dish)and Teh Tarik (traditional Malay hot tea) – before I headed back to my hotel around midnight (2am Melbourne time) – yuck!
Woke up early (not the best start in Singapore as no-one gets up early – these guys start late and go late) – and headed down the street to find the right combination of place to eat and wireless internet access. Not hard to do in Singapore; it is a ultra modern city and full of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. I do love Singapore.
I am looking forward to our seminar tonight; to be held at Fight Gym Asia. I have a swag of great ideas that I am keen to share with my BJJ students here.
Tomorrow, I am off to Malaysia in the morning to hold training for Sam Wee in Kuala Lumpur. If I can find some internet access, I’ll blog one more time before heading off to London on Sunday night.
Best wishes all,


Nick Allan said…
Happy Birthday John!!
Molokai67 said…
Happy birthday John, high speed, low drag.
Glenn N

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