Bangkok a Bargain

Arrived in Thailand today - and after a hellish taxi ride in the rain, installed myself at the Park Plaza hotel in Sukhumvit - downtown Bangkok. I booked my room over the internet from Heathrow airport - and, as it turns out, it's a great deal. Around $70 Australian a day gets you a four star room, LCD tv, free wireless internet access, a great rooftop pool (overlooking the city) and apparantely, a huge and varied buffet breakfast. Nice.
I am here for two days - as my original Jetstar-leg of my return flight has been cancelled till Tuesday night. Tomorrow I'll probably head out to Jitti Gym and step into the ring for a Muay Thai workout.
The Thai people are friendly and happy people - and right now, in desperate need of the tourist dollar. So if you intend to visit - it's a great time to do so. Haggle a little if you must - but tip generously - a dollar or two to us can make a big difference to the average Thai's weekly pay-packet.
Time for a swim.


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