The Chicken or the Egg? Happy Easter!

Lets think of eggs.
They have no legs.
Chickens come from eggs and they have legs.
Eggs come from chickens but have no legs under’um.
Let’s think of eggs … now what a conundrum!

What came first – the instructor or the student? Without the instructor, there was no student. Without the student, the instructor could not exist. The answer of course, is that each gave birth to the other. People wanting to learn demanded that a teacher appear – those who wanted to teach, heard this plea and made their timely appearance. From that point forward, the symbiotic relationship grew until the distinctions became more and more pronounced.

Over time, both student and teacher skill-sets should evolve. Students become better learners, they come to the teacher more well-informed and their expectations of service become more acutely honed. The teacher, on the other hand, should also be open to the evolutionary process. The teacher should stay well-informed, of both developments in his or her field of expertise and of the teaching and coaching methods used to deliver instruction in those fields. Chickens evolve – eggs evolve. Chickens that fail to evolve will stop laying eggs – eggs that fail to evolve will remain at the mercy of the increasingly more-hungry chickens. Students and teachers alike … need to be open to change.



Anonymous said…
Mr Will, this reminds me of the old saying, "when the student is ready the teacher will appear". Do you think this is philosophical nonsense or do you think there is truth to it? I've always believed in actively seeking out learning opportunities rather than just waiting. Thanks for your awesome blog.
JBW said…
thanks for your comment. When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. I believe this is the case .. for this reason. When the student is ready, he or she will see the teacher that has ALWAYS been there. In the same way that when you decide you need to build a new BBQ you will start seeing bricks everywhere. They (the bricks) were always there , of course, it's o ly when we acknowledge our need for them, that the FILTERING part of our brain allows the info through ... and we FIND the bricks. Same with teachers.
best wishes

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