Sometimes when I am on the road, I have the very good fortune to meet some truly wonderful people - martial artists that live in a state of congruence and who understand the meaning of 'integrity'. That's the good news ... the bad news is that oft times, those meetings are all too brief, and i am left feeling slightly saddened that I couldn't have spent more time with them and gotten to know them a little better.
Two such people, on my recent trip to the UK, were Al Peasland and Mick Tully. Two great martial artists who I met at my seminar in the Cotswalds. Both good friends of my mate Geoff Thompson, the two had driven more than two hours to attend the session. They are best mates and train together daily - yet both laid down the 20 odd quid (British for pounds) to buy my Fight Logic book. Now .. these guys train together at their CSP gym in Coventry ... they could easily have just bought one copy of the book and shared it; but no, they went out of their way to buy a copy each. I was very impressed by this ... and by the humble and friendly demeanour with which both men carried themselves. meeting people like Al and Mick make the traveling and time away from my family, all worthwhile.
Thanks Al .. thanks Mick. I look forward to catching up again.


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