London calling

What a day. A long one but a fun one. Visiting with my friend Ken Pankeiwicz is always a pleasure. Today ken treated me to a visit to Windsor castle, where we timed the changing of the guard beautifully! Then we took a walk over the river and into Eton, where ken showed me the old school hall he began his martial arts career in. It was great.
We had a bite of lunch before heading to his school where we met up with his staff and did a little private training before the evening crew turned up for the seminar. Among other things, they were treated to a demonstration of senior instructor John being welcomed into the ranks of the 'choked out' club. Ater the seminar was done, and John's nice nap a thing of the past, we headed home to Ken's place, where I enjoyed a lovely dinner before egtting a moment to write this blog. I apologize if this blog seems a little strange - as I am certainly beginning to feel strange - having been up since 4am this morning. Time to head ito the land of nod before being heading onward to Coventry in the morning.
More news soon,
best wishes


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