Norway - Viking Country

Arrived in Norway - one of the most breathtakingly beautiful countries I have ever seen. This is a land of pine trees, lakes and wilderness - nice.
I was invited here by Kenneth Fjeld - Chuck Norris UFAF representative in Scandinavia. Kenneth began his BJJ training two years ago when I first met him at the annual UFAF (United Fighting Arts Federation) convention in Las Vegas - where I go to teach every year. Since then he has been training hard - and was awarded his Blue Belt on this trip. Well done Kenneth!
He has a great school in a smallish city about an hour outside of Oslo. We trained on friday night and again this morning. it is sad to have to say goodbye to such warm-hearted, polite and friendly people. Norway is an absolutely wonderful place. A place I could easily live.
At the airport now - on my way to Heathrow in London, then on to Bangkok this evening. My Flight home from Bangkok (Jetstar) has been cancelled - and so I am there for two days. It has just occurred to me that I should head to Google and find some accomodation.
Hopefully accomodation with wireless internet access.
Be well.


Yvonne Bell said…
Thank you for a great seminar! It was an honor to meet you. Best regards Yvonne Bell.
JBW said…
thanks Yvonne - I loved meeting the many wonderful new people on ym recent trip. I look forward to getting back for more next year. Warmest regards,

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