Sunday, April 19, 2009


Singapore Surprise

Training at Fightworks Asia - organized by Jason Quek - was great. We had thirty-odd attendees turn up for the event from a number of Singaporian BJJ and MMA schools.
The training was great fun and very well received. But the biggest surprise of all, was perhaps enjoyed by myself, when Jason produced a birthday cake for me at the end of the evenings training. That's a first! I have never had thirty Singaporeans singing happy birthday to me on the mat before. Wow! Thanks guys - your wonderful surprise was much appreciated. I also had a chance to catch up (albeit it briefly) with my friend Kon Quek. Kon gave me a framed pic of my wife, and our son Felix, dressed up to the nines at his wedding at Raffles just after Christmas.
My Singapore visit was a real blast. I look forward to coming back and visiting with Jason and Kon again soon. I must also thank Arvid, who graciously allowed us the use of his mat. A really great training facility.
Best wishes and thanks again to everyone who attended the training.
Train smart,

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