A walk in th woods

HAd a nice meet-up with my mate Geoff this morning. We alked for a while and chatted about, life, the universe and everything. We had brought gifts for each other - books - and it's funny that the books we gave each other were on exactly the same topics. geoff is doing well with his new movie - he is a prolific worker (creator) and always leaves me feeling lazy.
he has suggested we do something together soon - as an excuse to spend more time together - a live-in training retreat at Coombe Abbey - where we spend two days and an eveing, training and dining with a dozen keen martial artists. Sounds like a great idea - we'll let eveyone know if we can pull it off.
Best go - time to head to the cotswalds and train with my friend (and Geoff's good friend) Tony terranova.


J.B said…
Hi John,

I've read a lot of Geoff Thompsons' martial arts books. I know he recommends wrestling and judo as secret weapons of martial arts. Does he do any bjj, and do you think if it were mainstream back when he wrote those books he'd be putting bjj on that list?

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