Injuries & Perspective

The most frustrating thing I have to deal with in my professional life - is the hazard of 'injuries'. I hate injuries - as any professional athlete does. I guess we all despise them for different reasons - for me, it is the inability to do my job - and the frustration that comes with that - namely, the feeling that I am letting others down - my students, my family, etc.
Today I badly strained the medial ligament of my right knee - and injury I have had before. My initial reaction, after the pain subsided, was one of frustration, mixed with a little self-anger: how could I have been so careless?
An hour or two later, I am still frustrated, but have had time to bring a little perspective to bear. For one - I am 'injured' - not dead. It WILL heal. Countless others have far worse injuries than the one I am dealing with today - along with other problems, that will simply NOT heal.
Injuries are hiccups - in the ebb and flow of daily life. Nothing more. They inconvenience us, and others that share our orbit - but they don't last. Injuries, like parking tickets, are just part of doing the business of life.
Train smart (do as I say - not as I do)


Anonymous said…
All the best with you minor set back. Hope you recover well and hope to see you back real soon.
Anonymous said…
I agree John - and I think the key is to train around your injuries while you are injured so you don't lose your "skill/ability" altogether.
Cheers - Matt.

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