Tasmaniacs, Chinese food and WA workouts

What a weekend - or should I say, four day weekend. On thursday last, I made the trip to Tasmania to meet up with the fantastic Tasmaniacs! This time around the session was held in Hobart - and was well attended by students from both launceston and as far away as Ulverston. I really appreciated the huge effort they made to be there. After an in-depth and very technically oriented training session, we went out for a bite at a local restaurant. More wild tales were shared before it was time to say our goodbyes. What a great bunch!
The next morning, I flew back to Melbounre, waited a few hours at the airport and then to Adelaide. My good friend Darren Cartwright played host and we held our session at his brand new location in the heart of Adelaide city. Another great training session was had by all - before a few of us headed out for dinner at T-chow's - a favourite Chinese restaurant. After Peking duck and other delights, it was time for five hours sleep before getting on the dawn flight to Perth.
At perth I was picked up by BJJ black Belt and good friend Steve Stevenson, and taken to his school for the first of five seminars. After that it was over to Adam Metcalf's for another great session, and then on to Paul Marsden's for the last session of the day. We all had a great time - and lot's of learning took place.
Another nights sleep and then Steve picked me up again to head over to the Submission factory, headed up by Troy Flugge. Here I had the immense pleasure to be able to award Stacey Wilson, his BJJ Black Belt.
Stacey has trained for 12 years now - and although he has had a couple of short breaks, back in his native New Zealand and over in the UK, he has kept up his training during those times and acquitted himself admirably. Actually, the word' admirably' doesn't do Stacey justice - he is an exceptionally talented and dedicated BJJ man - and is an asset to any mat he chooses to visit. Congratulations Stacey on this milestone achievement.

After another great session we headed off to the other side of Perth for the last leg of my Perth tour, at Lance Johnson's school. We did a really fun session on Closed Guard strategies before another round of goodbyes took place and it was time to head to the airport for my flight home. Steve came in and sat with me for a bit as I waited for my flight - and we chatted about all things martial arts over a coffee.

I arrived home, after my late flight, and drive back to Geelong - at 2am this morning.
A day off today is welcome - although I used it to catch up on e-mails, this blog and a few other matters that were lurking on my desk. Time to kick back for the evening - and begin another day tomorrow.

Be well,


Adela said…
Enjoy being back home John! Thanks again for making the trip to Tassie.

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