BASICS: All a Matter of Perspective

It all comes down to WHO is doing the looking. Sure, there are a set of fundamental techniques that we all should learn, before we start getting in to Omoplata’s and Crucifix’s – but it almost doesn’t matter which techniques we are looking at – if a novice is doing the looking; we call them basics – if an expert is doing the looking; we call them advanced techniques or concepts. It’s not so much about the quantity of techniques, but at how deeply we are looking into them – how many layers of the technique we can peel back to gain profound understanding.
From my own perspective, all techniques are kind of the same. In understanding the underlying bio-mechanics, physics and timings involved, they all become more fully comprehended. To me, they are all basics, in that they are made up of the same INGREDIENTS.
From my viewpoint, it is more a matter of our PERSPECTIVE being Basic or Advanced – and not so much the technique. Hope that helps …


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