Another Day at the office!

Woke up! Great start!
As usual, I stepped onto my home-mat at 9:00 am and began my usual three private classes. I enjoy these sessions – as much as do my students. It is a chance for me to try out a new teaching technique or new training idea - always fun.
It’s 11:15am – I am all done with my private classes. My wife makes me a small snack – we chat for a bit and then head of to the pool at 12 noon. 25 laps later – I switch off my waterproof MP3 player, take a shower and we head back home. It’s always tough trying to keep up with Melissa in the pool – she is a gun swimmer!
At home she makes some lunch while I attend to the half dozen odd e-mails that have arrived since clearing out my inbox at 8:30 this morning. We eat lunch while watching a bit of TV – I multi-task by sketching out my seminar plans for this weekend (I am heading interstate for Friday and Saturday – running four sessions).
Mide afternoon, time to head out and pick up my boy Felix from school. Feed him a snack and see him off to training (in the kids class with Melissa). I stay home and complete a few tasks online – sign a book order that came in - package it and drop it into Melissa’s out-tray. Another quick snack, and it’s time to pack my own bag for training. Just time to sit down and rite this blog before I head out to teach the two evening classes at my school. Tonight I have novice BJJ and advanced MMA. Fun classes!
Melissa will beat me home, cook dinner (she’s a great cook – and does the work of five men) and prepare Felix for bed. I’ll be home by 8:20pm –when I’ll have a chance to say goodnight to Felix, then sit down and answer a couple more e-mails before tucking into dinner and chatting with my wife.
Time for a couple of hours of relaxing before hitting the sack and repeating the same routine tomorrow; another day in the office – another great day!


rambn said…
always love to hear someone else's daily routine. Sounds kind of alternative to 9 to 5 job. love it.

it's the first blog entry of yours I've read. Found you on fightworks podcast OPML file.
JBW said…
hey Rambn
thanks for the comment. Life continues to unfold in interesting ways - never having had a REAL job though, I don't know how most other people do what it is they do ...
best wishes to you

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