A HUGE Day ...

Flew into Vegas again from San Fransisco yesterday afternoon. I hit the mat with a few Blue Belt candidates for an evaluation and testing before hitting the pillow for the night. Today I ran a huge class of UFAF Black Belts through six hours of MMA training.
I had the privilege and honour of being engaged to design the new third degree Black Belt requirements for UFAF – and the final touches were put on this work this week. The end result is a condensed, easily transmittable and highly effective MMA-based syllabus. All Black Belts are to be provided with a manual for reference (loads of pics and detailed descriptions of techniques and training drills – along with a logging section for rep-accountability) and accompanying I-POD movie files for those more visually inclined. I am very happy with the way it has turned out.
The day was spent running everyone through the material in good detail. I also placed a fair amount of emphasis on the underlying teaching methodologies to aid in dissemination throughout the organization - a long but fruitful day.
It's just hitting midnight and I am still up - busy converting several dozen video clips that I took earlier this evening to be supplied (tomorrow) to all of the Black Belts as IPOD video files t assist in their ownership of the new material. I need to convert the large vid clips down to smaller files so they can be burn't to a singe Cd - I do not foresee much sleep tonight.
A bit more work tomorrow, followed by the formal UFAF dinner and award ceremonies – unfortunately I don’t even own a suit – but I think I have built up some ‘forgiveness credits’ with everyone there over the years – so it’s jeans and shirt one more time …. uncouth Australian!
I’ll be heading back home on Sunday night … although I have had a great time meeting up with my many good friends here – I do miss my family and students; looking forward to being back home for a bit.
I've included a pic of one of todays lessons - and another of myself and legendary Chip Wright - one of America's best point contact fighters - a truly great martial artist. Back to work ...
Best wishes all,


Molokai67 said…
As always John it looks like your working off the high speed low drag, I'm living the high life down at Fort Polk, yehah. Take care
Mike Bogdanski said…
Hope you had a great time here in the U.S. We enjoyed our time together! Chip Wright still looking good....
Anonymous said…
god he looks like Chuck Norris
He could be his stunt double
JBW said…
Chip Wright in fact, IS Chuck Norris's stunt double and is an amazingly good martial artist to boot.
JBW said…
right down there 'in the weeds' my friend. Take care - hope to catch up one day soon,
thomas said…
slightly offtopic and definitely too late, but a tool called handbrake (http://handbrake.fr) will convert just about any video format to just about any other - and it does have an iPod output preset.
Better and best, respectively: it does batch processing (set it and go to sleep), and is available for Mac, Linux and Windows.
Almost goes without saying that it's free, as well.


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