LA - 10 hours on the run

Arrived in Los Angeles - leapt off the plane - out of the airport to be picked up by my long time martial arts friend Dick Treanor. We headed to West Hollywood to pick up my wife and son fro Rigan Machado's house - bug hugs all round - and then a sprint to Universal Studios. We did that in three and a half hours (some kind of world record I'm sure) - then back to San Pedro (way south of LA) to drop of Melissa and Felix at Dick's place before he and I drove onward to the Huntington Beach Krav Maga centre. Caught up with Beau Durocher, another long time friend, who runs the school - and hit the mat for three hours of training. See the embedded vid clip for a glimpse of some of the action. What a fantastic group they were to train - congrats Beau for establishing such a wonderful culture on your mat. I hope to get back there again next year.
Back home around 11pm - four hours sleep - then up to write this blog before waking everyone up for the trip back to the airport where the journey continues to Vegas.
Be well - all!


Unknown said…
John my students want to thank you for the amazing seminar. The talk of the school has been your eye opening seminar and the chance to add to the ever changing self defense mindset of any martial artist. They appreciate both your knowledge of the material and your extremely well thought out presentation. Fight class will be fun with everyone shouting "Lassoo" in their best aussie accent!

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