Old friends ...

I arrived home today - after a big weekend.
This trip was a hectic one; but catching up with a few old friends made it very worthwhile. Seeing my good friend Chuck Norris and his brother Aaron on the weekend was a bonus. Aaron is a fellow flyfisherman and after listening to a few of my fishing stories, he may come out early next year and join me for a trip into New Zealand's backcountry.
I also caught up with Renzo Gracie who I met back in the late 80's. he came out and stayed with me for a bit in 1990, here in Geelong. he is a great guy - and now has one of the most succesfull martial arts schools in the USA. Here he is messing around with my boy, Felix! We also caught up with old friend and legendary martial artist, Benny 'the jet' Urquidez - one of the world's most renowned kickboxing pioneers. Melissa and I trained together in the original Jet Centre back nearly twenty years ago. it was great to catch up with him once again.
I am glad to be home though - and with my family once again. And I am very much looking forward to getting back on the mat with my students this week. More to come ...


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