A Pleasant Day

It was nice to have a day off in San Fransisco with y mate Dave. An easy day - I slept in after a good nights sleep - we had a late breakfast, took in a movie and then headed over to Berkeley to give a lesson to MMA legend, Jake Shields (see pic). I started out by running Jake through a series of training drills designed to better connect up his newly developed kicking skills with some strong double, single and high-c shoots' - we finished off with some work from the butterfly guard and an attack series from the Mount. Jake's an excellent athlete and a quick study - a pleasure t train.
After a relatively early dinner of sushi - Dave and I parted company until the morning when we head to the airort to fly back to Vegas to start working with Chuck Norris's Black Belts.
Time for one more blog before I get on my flight back to Australia ..
Stay well.


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