For whom the Kettlebell tolls ...

Just did my Kettlebell workout.
The best thing I like about my Kettlebell workout is the fact that if I only have 20 minutes to spare - I can still get a great overall strength and conditioning workout without having to pack my bag and head off anywhere. You can keep a kettlebell in the corner of your room - and it will just sit there and stare at you until you pick it up and start swinging it. Paint some eyes on - give it a name - call it Wilson ... the kettlebell is a great workout partner who will never say 'no'.

My workout is pretty simple (some of these kettlebell athletes do amazing things). I do two sets of ten of each of the following exercises:

- The Power Clean
- Single Arm Row
- Floor Press
- Front Squat
- Single Arm Jerk
- Kettlebell swing
- Windmill
- Pullover (laying on Swiss ball)

it's probably pretty lame workout by a serious Kettlebeller's standard but it gets my heart-rate up and I finish with a nice sheen of sweat and feeling in need of some protein. A quick and efficient work-out. If you want to know more about the many advantages of Kettlebell training there are stacks of good sites on the net. For those residing in Australia or New Zealand, check out: Australian Kettlebells

Workout done - time for a snack - then off to pick up my boy Felix from school, then onward to the evening classes. Looking forward to them!


Hi John.Thanks for sharing your kettlebell workout schedule.I have got a lot of useful information about benefits of kettlebet training from the site you have told.Thanks again.

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