Head to Head - TURNOVERS

I am often asked about techniques from the Head to Head position. I always begin by explaining that there are basically three categories of Head to Head:
1. H2H Nuetral - where there is distance between ourselves and our opponent, and neither has the advantage
2. H2H Bottom - where we are underneath and our opponent on top
3. H2H Top - where we are on top (sprawling) and our opponent is underneath

The first is pretty much an artificial position in that it mostly occurs only at the beginning of a match-fight - it hardly ever occurs in real fights and doesn't occur much even in match fights other than at the beginning of the match.

The second occurs mostly when we have escaped from our opponent's side control and are on our knees but he is still in dominant position on top. here we have to focus on either sit-outs, fading back to guard or various leg shooting strategies.

The third occurs when our opponent has successfully escaped to his knees but we have maintained top position or when our opponent has taken a shot at our legs and we have successfully sprawled.

For a couple of simple and fast turnovers that will put us in a more dominant position and ready to attack - JUST CLICK HERE.


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