My 400th post ...

I think this is my 400th post ... times flies; it seems like only yesterday that Geoff grant in New Zealand suggested that I started blogging. "What's blogging?' I asked ... 'you need to do it!' he replied, before setting up my blogger account that very day. I must say I have enjoyed the process of blogging - it is a way for me to throw my thoughts out there, pretty much unfiltred and un-spell-checked ... it's nice tom be able to present a polished class or technique to a class but it's also nice to be able to just throw it out there 'hot off the press' so to speak. So thanks Geoff - for all your wonderful - AND VERY MUCH APPRECIATED HELP - and for dragging me into the world of the blog.
Note the pic: Here with Geoff in Wellington - at the Mt Victoria Dojo - one of the very best schools in NZ. Geoff's mat is always filled to over-flowing - testament to his personable teaching style and great haircut! I am heading out to New Zealand at the end of this week to visit all of my great friends there - I am really looking forward to it - and have some great training ideas in store. See you all soon,
warmest regards


Rowan said…

Thank you so much for allowing us access to your “hot off the press” ideas and thoughts. I always look forward to the next update.

Thank you also for running the session in Canberra last week.
BJJ NZ said…
It's one thing to provide an idea, it's quite another to take that idea and run as far and fast as you have John.

I appreciate the acknowledgement and I want to thank you for allowing me to keep my finger on the pulse of BJJ Australasia by looking after all things online for you.

See you soon,

Al Peasland said…
Congratulations John,

It's going to take me quite some time to catch up on those 400 blogs that I've missed - but thank you for sharing all of your wealth of information.

Have fun in New Zealand and hope to catch up with you soon when you're next in the UK

Take care and travel safe

Al Peasland ;-)

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