One heavy week ...

It's been a big week ... but a great one.
I have just arrived back from Canberra (Australia's Capital City) after three days of teaching military and federal police defensive tactics trainers. The training took place at both ADFA (Australian Defence Force Academy) and RMC (Royal Military College) ... I arrived home in one piece, after working three long days with some of Australia's finest with only one rip in my shirt ... all in all, a good outcome.

This morning, just after I had finished with my private classes - a surprise arrived on my doorstep. 248 kilo's worth of Kettlebells from my friends at AUSTRALIAN KETTLEBELLS. Melissa and I screwed together the Kettlebell stand that they had also supplied and we stacked them up in my home dojo. And so the saga begins ...

My very best thanks to AUSTRALIAN KETTLEBELLS!!
Melissa loves the pink ones ...


Korbett said…
Ok John you should talk about the virtues of driving a Ferrari. Lets see if one gets delivered. See the secret works....LOL.

JBW said…
Ah ... Korbett! Very good.
I know - that you know .. that I know, that just thinking about things will cause very little to happen - other than glycogen depletion, of course! It's all about taking action! Goals are good to have ... the steps to those goals need to be clearly defined ... but ultimately, the most important thing is to put all of our focus on that very first step ... and take it! Thanks for opening the door to this conversation though ... best wishes
Anonymous said…
Love love love love Kettlebells. The only pain in the butt is very few gyms have them and let me throw them around. Also delivery costs to Tassie suck.

Have a blast with them.

Selamat tinggal
Hobart BJJ

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